IGNITE (Influence, Guide, Network for Intercollegiate Tobacco Education) focuses on a variety of topics relating to tobacco control including promoting cessation among tobacco users by providing support and resources to those who want to quit, raising awareness about the risks of tobacco use and potential consequences of nicotine addiction, and doing research or education projects supporting policies and advocacy efforts on campus or in the community. IGNITE works with colleges in Maricopa County, Arizona and our mission is carried out by student volunteers.

Tobacco is the #1 preventable cause of death in the United States killing hundreds of thousands of individuals every year and thousands more suffer ill effects from inhaling smoke or using other types of tobacco products. Many young adults at colleges and universities in Arizona and throughout the country are addicted to tobacco and wish to quit or are faced with situations where they must choose whether or not they want to use tobacco products. Additionally, most college students are exposed to secondhand smoke (a class A carcinogen) as they walk around campus.

Fight to Breathe Right – That’s the mantra of the IGNITE program. Whether you’re an advocate for wellness, believe in the right to smoke free air, or a tobacco user who wants to overcome the addiction and breathe easier, IGNITE has the resources to assist you and can provide a place for your voice to be heard.

Mission: Reduce the prevalence of tobacco use among college age young adults in Maricopa County.

Vision: Develop a tobacco-free culture at Maricopa County’s secondary education institutions.

Contact IGNITE

email:  FightToBreatheRight@gmail.com


Want to learn more about ASU’s tobacco-free campus policy?? Click here

  1. Kathryn Palo says:

    I wear your Fight to Breathe Right.org bracelet. Our daughter attended GCC and bought it there. She’s 21 and had asthma as an infant through childhood and understands how every breath is important.
    Your IGNITE mission hits close to home for our family as we lost my mother and father to the end consequences of smoking for 32 years. Mom had asthma, then developed COPD, and a smoking specific lung cancer plagued her for 3 months before her death. My father developed pulmonary hypertension from smoking causing his kidneys to fail which developed into End Stage Renal Disease and ultimately his death. Our family watch both diseases, due to smoking, cause deliberate deterioration as Mom and Dad suffered to their deaths.
    As their caretaker and daughter, I applaud your efforts to get the word and knowledge out to our college students. Afterall, my parents took up smoking in college and Mom died 44 years later, and Dad, 55 years later.
    Kudos to all of you!
    (Yes, my daughter and I are non-smokers 😉

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